All Badges

Boards Newbie 
Details: Welcome to the peta2 boards! One comment down, infinity to go!
How To Get: Make your first comment on the boards.

Get Talkin' 
Details: You posted a topic on the boards—now get chatting!
How To Get: Make a topic on the boards. 
Txting FTW 
Details: With peta2′s texts, you help animals everywhere you go—from rockin’ out at shows to studying to sitting on the couch watching TV!
How To Get: Unknown; Possibly sign up to peta2 texts?

Fashionably Faux
Details: You’re showing some compassion by pledging to ditch killer fashion!>
How To Get: Pledge you won't wear anyone else's skin but your own.

Fur Is Dead 
Details: Animals like their fur. They don’t want to die so that someone else can wear it. Pledge to go fur-free!
How To Get: Unknown; Possibly sign the pledge on the Skelanimal's Fur Is Dead campaign?
Grow Your Own Fur 
Details: Whether you’re sportin’ a real ‘stache or drawing on your face with a marker, you’re helping animals keep their own fur!
How To Get: Unknown; Possibly something to do with the Grow Your Own Fur campaign?
Animals Don't Smoke! 
Details: Humans choose to smoke, animals don’t. Ask the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to take action!
How To Get: Tell the FDA to ban cigarette tests on animals

Getting Sheepy!
Details: The fashion industry can’t pull the wool over your eyes—you’ve pledged to go wool-free.
Elephant Hero!
Details: Baby-beaters like Ringling Bros. should watch out!
How To Get: Unknown; Possibly complete all circus actions?
Details: Ditch meat, dairy products, and eggs!
How To Get: Tell how you went vegetarian or vegan.
Gleek Activist
Details: What could make Glee even better? How about the fact that Jane Lynch and Lea Michele ♥ animals?!
How To Get: Pledge to End Animal Homelessness! and Pledge to Be Fur-Free!
Flesh is For Zombies
Details: You’re … ALIIIIVE!
How To Get: Unknown; Possibly Zombify yourself to warn your friends?
Not A Zombie
Details: Eating flesh means eating the corpse of a tortured, terrified victim who didn’t want to die—period. Sign the pledge to go flesh-free on Fridays and save yourself!
How To Get: Pledge to go vegan
Pokemon 'Gotta Free 'Em All' Badge
Details: This badge is awarded for making it to the third level of PETA’s Pokemon Black and Blue parody game.
How To Get: Beat the Pokémon Black and Blue parody game

Baby Monkey Defender Badge
Details: You know what you are? You’re a friend to baby monkeys and NIH’s WORST nightmare! You’re a hero.
How To Get: Monkeys Can’t Tweet—but YOU Can!

Level 1 Superhero
Details: Welcome to the superhero league for animals! You’ve proven yourself brave enough to start your journey to become the best superhero of all time. Think you have what it takes to reach level 5?
How To Get: Complete one (1) Superhero Action.

Level 2 Superhero
Details: Dayuuuum! OK, OK! I see how badass you are, but you’re still only at level 2. Tighten up that cape and keep on kicking butt for animals!
How To Get: Complete two (2) Superhero Actions.

Level 3 Superhero
Details: Sh*t’s getting real. People are starting to see your awesomeness, which means animal abusers are going to come out full force. You’re so close to level 5—we all believe in you!
How To Get: Complete three (3) Superhero Actions.

Level 4 Superhero
Details: LEVEL 4, WHAT! You are the real deal! OK, so you have only one more to go—one more until you become the ULTIMATE SUPERHERO FOR ANIMALS. There’s no looking back now! 
How To Get: Complete four (4) Superhero Actions.

Level 5 Superhero
Details: ?
How To Get: Complete five (5) Superhero Actions.

Dissection? Hellz No!
Details: Stick up for the little guys! Don’t dissect—and spread the word!
How To Get: Unknown.

Youth Advisory Board 2014  [EXPIRED]
Details: Congratulations! You made it to the Youth Advisory Board of peta2. Cue the confetti—you’re a hero.
How To Get: Have your application approved to be in the 2014 Youth Advisory Board

Original  [EXPIRED]
Details: You’ve been hanging out with peta2 since the old days, huh? Thanks for sticking with us!
How To Get: Join the peta2 Street Team before the revamp in June 2012 
Warped 2011  [EXPIRED]
Details: Woo! You signed our pledge not to be a zombie on Warped Tour 2011.
How To Get: Sign the pledge during Warper Tour 2011

HalloWIN For Animals!  [¿EXPIRED?]
Details: When it comes to speaking up for animals on Halloween, you’re not easily spooked!
How To Get: Unknown

'Hug a Vegetarian' Day 2011  [EXPIRED]
Details: Happy ‘Hug a Vegetarian’ Day!
How To Get: Do the "Tag 'Hug A Vegetarian' Day 2011 Mission"

'Hug a Vegetarian' Day 2012  [EXPIRED]
Details: Show some love and get some hugs for “Hug a Vegetarian” Day!
How To Get: Order 'Hug A Vegetarian' Day 2012 stickers